Our Services

Individualized Education Analysis

This analysis is designed to give you clear next steps to advocate for your child's education.

  • A breakdown of your child’s unique strengths, challenges, and learning differences.
  • A synthesis of feedback and data from parents, school staff, outside professionals (i.e. psychologists, speech-language therapists, etc.), and the student (when appropriate).
  • An action plan with recommendations of next steps which could include starting an IEP/504 process, updating an IEP/504 plan, recommending additional assessments, evaluating different school settings, considering new services, and more.
  • An official letter to the school that parents can choose to send to initiate suggested next steps.

Our Process

☑ Free consultation with Special Education Expert, CEO, Rich Weinfeld to understand your child’s situation and determine if our services are a good fit

☑ Parent completes a detailed questionnaire to convey academic data, any assessments, and other information relevant to their student

☑ Special Education Expert analyzes all available information

☑ Special Education Expert interviews parent and school staff, providers, and/or the student (when appropriate) 

☑ Special Education Expert creates an Individualized Education Analysis of the student including an action plan and letter to the school 

☑ The parent and Special Education Expert meet to debrief and discuss next steps

☑ The parent can choose to send the Special Education Expert letter to the school to initiate suggested next steps  


  • Initial Consultation: Free
  • Individualized Education Analysis: $950

Additional Services

Advocacy and Consultation

  • Our goal is to help you, as parents, navigate educational systems to obtain appropriate school services and placement options. 
  • The Individualized Education Analysis parent reports gives families the clarity and confidence to advocate for their child’s best interests
  • Sometimes parents need additional support beyond the report to ensure the school system works with them to help the child realize their full potential
  • If a parent would like extra support in advocating for their child, IEP professionals can guide them through the process
  • We can communicate with school personnel through phone calls, written communication and/or meetings to advocate for the necessary changes in program and/or placement
  • We are available to continue to monitor the implementation of the plan that we have helped create and to make any necessary changes or updates

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