Parent Feedback

"This support literally changed the course of my child’s life. Without my special education expert’s support, my amazing kid would be stifled in school and perhaps on the sidelines. Because of their insights and advocacy, my kiddo is in the most fabulous school for him, coming home with commendation cards, and loving learning. Best of all, he is comfortable in his own shoes — and valuing his gifts." Mother of a 6th grader who is twice exceptional (gifted and learning disabled)

"Whether you need input on how to navigate your current school, what to seek out at your current school, what your child’s actual needs are (sometimes well meaning teachers are not right), or if there is a summer school or camp that might help your kiddo soar during the year, I would feel remiss not publicly telling everyone that you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity to support your kid. The course of my child’s life was literally changed." Mother of a 7th grader with ADHD

"I know we are strong and loving parents; however, I don't know where we would be without some expert guidance. Thank you for lifting a huge burden off my shoulders. It's a great feeling knowing that we are not alone in this battle." Father of a 3rd grader with autism 

"My special education experts' professionalism was only exceeded by her competence. She not only knows the intricacies of a very complex system and can guide parents and educators through that system, she can also see the unique person behind the data and design educational plans for every child with whom she works. She is known as a fierce advocate for students and puts their needs at the forefront of the process. I cannot speak highly enough of her work. She is truly an exceptional educator and person. Having her as part of your educational team would be an asset." Mother of an 8th grader who is twice exceptional (gifted and learning disabled)

"The IEP meetings can be intimidating when so many people are present. This time, I felt like you helped facilitate my voice being heard. I sincerely appreciate your time, concern, and preparation for the meeting."

"Thank you so much for your time and the attention you gave to my daughter and her needs. Thank you for being so thorough, professional, and going the extra mile to really get a solid grasp of her capabilities. I talked with both of her teachers today, and they appreciated their conversations with you, too. My daughter is excited to continue on with the great team of teachers!" Father of a 6th grader with autism

"As a parent unfamiliar with the county management and evaluation of children with varying needs, having guidance and knowledge from an experienced professional was critical to set me up for success during my meetings with the school leadership." Mother of a 2nd grader with a reading disability

"The special education expert I worked with knows the system inside and out and is a tireless advocate for kids. I have found all the advice she gave me regarding my daughter to be helpful and timely. I have found her to be reliable and effective and have found her to be a good partner through the eight years we have worked together." Mother of a 10th grader with emotional challenges. 


Said working with the WEGIEP Experts resulted in a positive change for my child

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