Our Mission

Providing parents with the tools to be effective partners in developing their child’s education plan.

Our Vision

Every student is making meaningful progress and realizing their potential.

Who We Are

We are a team of special education experts who work collaboratively with all involved professionals to design and review individualized plans, helping each child reach his or her unique potential. Each Special Education Expert has at least two decades of special education experience.

Individualized Education Planners is made up of experienced special education professionals who specialize in ADHD, autism, dyslexia, learning disabilities, emotional disability, gifted, twice exceptional, speech and language, vision and hearing, physical challenges, developmental delays and much more. Each IEP Expert has at least two decades of special education experience as teachers, administrators, and education consultants.


The Supreme Court in the landmark Endrew F. decision of 2017, stated unequivocally, “The IEP must aim to enable the child to make progress. After all, the essential function of an IEP is to set out a plan for pursuing academic and functional advancement.” The Supreme Court went on to explain that parent input is essential, stating, “The Act contemplates that this fact-intensive exercise will be informed not only by the expertise of school officials, but also by the input of the child’s parents or guardians.”

What does this mean for you?

We know that you, parents, want to ensure that your children are making educational and functional progress. However, you often come into IEP/504 meetings feeling overwhelmed, unprepared, and outnumbered. Individualized Education Planning provides you with the information and direction that allows you to become meaningful partners in the process. Our Individualized Education Analysis provides powerful information to share with the school team that shapes the present levels of the IEP/504 and that then informs what will be in the goals, supplementary aids, accommodations, and ultimately will lead to a description of the services and placement to which your child is entitled. The action plan section of the analysis makes it clear what next steps you will take to ensure your child will be progressing towards realizing his or her unique potential.

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Books Authored by the IEP Team


Helping Boys Succeed in School

Authors: Terry Neu, Richard Weinfeld


The Special Needs Advocacy Resource Book

Authors: Rich Weinfeld, Michelle Davis


Take Control of Asperger's Syndrome: The Official Strategy Guide for Teens with Asperger's Syndrome and Nonverbal Learning Disorder

Authors: Janet Price, Jennifer Engel Fisher


Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities: Overcoming Obstacles and Realizing Potential (2nd Edition)

Authors: Rich Weinfeld, Linda Barnes-Robinson, Sue Jeweler, Betty Shevitz


School Success for Kids with ADHD

Authors: Stephan M. Silverman, Ph.D., Jacqueline S. Iseman, Ph.D., Sue Jeweler


101 School Success Tools for Students With ADHD

Authors: Jacqueline S. Iseman, Ph.D., Sue Jeweler, Stephan M. Silverman, Ph.D.


School Success for Kids With High-Functioning Autism 

Authors: Stephan M. Silverman, Ph.D., Lauren Kenworthy, Ph.D., Rich Weinfeld


Take Control of Dyslexia & Other Reading Difficulties

Authors: Janet Price, Jennifer Engel Fisher