Is Your Child With Special Needs Getting the Education They Deserve?
Is Your Child With Special Needs Getting the Education They Deserve?

Our special education experts will work individually with you to analyze what your child needs to succeed in school and beyond. 

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Our Approach

Parents are the primary experts in what their child needs to be successful in school and beyond. As special education experts we use our understanding of learning differences, educational best practices, and special education law to help parents ensure their students' needs are met.

We take your feedback along with all available student data to create an easy-to-understand individualized education analysis for parents that includes:

  • A breakdown of your child’s unique strengths, challenges, and learning differences.
  • A synthesis of feedback and data from parents, school staff, outside professionals (i.e. psychologists, speech-language therapists, etc.), and the student (when appropriate).
  • An action plan with recommendations of next steps which could include starting an IEP/504 process, updating an IEP/504 plan, recommending additional assessments, evaluating different school settings, considering new services, and more.
  • An official letter to the school that parents can choose to send to initiate suggested next steps.
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Advocating For Your Child

IEP professionals can also serve as advocates for your child communicating with school personnel through phone calls, written communication and/or attending meetings to advocate for the necessary changes in program and/or placement.
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